Legal Projects in USA

CLG was a part of the client's team in connection with the following projects:


  • Represented a US- based manufacturer of disposable products in connection with a supply agreement with Japanese chemical company.
  • Prepared web site user agreements for an international online retailer.
  • Advised a manufacturer of paper products in connection with leasing commercial space.
  • Advised a local newspaper regarding implementation of sweepstakes in New Jersey.
  • Represented Polish software company in connection with its service agreement in the United States.
  • Counseled a developer of mobile software with respect to trademark registration in USA.
  • Represented a European retail company in establishment of distribution channels in USA.
  • Advised American construction company with respect to its proposed joint ventures in Middle East and Africa.
  • Represented a New Jersey retailer in connection with its sale of business.Registered and protected trademark of a wine producer in USA.
  • Represented e-commerce portal in negotiations with French horse breeders association.Assisted a US-based fund with a judgment enforcement and recovery in Poland.
  • Represented a wholesale distributor in trademark enforcement action against online infringer in North America.
  • Advised a leading manufacturer of polyurethane foam in Central Europe in connection with raising capital in the United States.
  • Software licensing dispute with European software company.
  • Advised a major Polish media company with respect to license agreement with NY publisher.
  • Counseled client with respect to employment related allegations- the client has saved approximately $200,000 in 1 year without any need to litigate the matter.
  • Advised a Polish fashion designer in connection with establishing a subsidiary in USA and ecommerce operations in the US.
  • A joint-venture construction project in NYC.
  • Formed a US-based entity with the warehousing capacity for the global manufacturer of food ingredients that will be used to enter the North American market.